A prayer for procrastinators on the Feast of Saint Expeditus

Saint Expeditus, perhaps a fictional saint, is the patron saint of procrastinators. His feast day is celebrated on April 19 (four days after tax day) or, as his followers like to say, whenever you get around to it. Traditional images of him feature the words, hodie and cras, Latin for today and tomorrow.

I’ve done it again, Lord,

and missed another deadline.

Why can’t I ever be on time?


Imagine if Noah had pulled an all-nighter

or the Magi had put off making travel plans—

I guess if salvation had depended on me,

your will would never be done!


But you also chose the less punctual to show your glory:

Jonah, the ultimate procrastinator

and the infamous stragglers who wound up first.


Yet, Lord, I know that now is the time

and today is the day of salvation.

So help me do what needs to be done—

today and not tomorrow.

Keep me focused on the path—

looking ahead and not behind.


With the help of St. Expeditus

and all who patiently wait for me,

teach me to order the chaos of my day,

that each moment may be spent wisely

in timely service to you.



Copyright © Diana Macalintal


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