The creator of the galaxies lives here!

by Matthew Parris

My grandparents on both sides of my family are Catholic, both my parents are Catholic, so shortly after birth, I was baptized into the Catholic Church. I went to Catholic school, celebrated the sacraments of reconciliation, Eucharist, and confirmation. My family attended Mass every week, and I was active in the youth ministry at the parish. Catholicism was all I knew.

When I went to college, I met people of other faiths. Some of my closer friends and I would spend late nights talking about the important things of life: God, family, relationships, etc. I soon came to find out that my view of Christ was lacking. Finally, a friend of mine explained how Christ’s death on a cross affected me personally. It was at that moment that I stopped going through the motions and took ownership of my faith.

Being around non-Catholics made me relearn why I am Catholic. I am Catholic because of the Eucharist. If you asked a non-Catholic “Where is God today?” could they take your hand and walk you to where God is? Sure others can pray to God directly, but can they touch God directly? What a claim the Catholic Church makes: Christ, almighty God, creator of the galaxies, lives here!


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