Why most Christians have never read the Bible—and maybe you shouldn’t either

When we think about reading the Bible, it is interesting to remember that throughout Christian history, most people have not read it. Consider these barriers: The list of books that are considered “biblical” was not finalized until the 400s. Until the invention of the printing press in 1450, written manuscripts were expensive to produce and few in number. Even after […]

What a Catholic nun and a group of Evangelical teenagers taught me about the Bible

I was standing in a bookstore with my mother; we were looking at Bibles. Who knew there were so many? I expected to find “The Bible.” The choices between “leather” and “leatherette” alone were enough to confuse me. We also had to consider paper and hardcover, red-letter and family, amplified and…I don’t know. Quiet? And there were also “translations” to […]