A love affair that grows stronger every day

by Beth Murphy

I married a Catholic man 29 years ago, and I was Methodist. The only church my husband would go to was the Catholic Church. So we went to Catholic Church. For two years I listened and was transformed by the liturgy of the Mass. The desire for the sacraments became an irresistible attraction—a love affair that grows stronger every day. While the liturgy serves as a source of strength it is my own willingness to participate with the church family and the community at large that has allowed Gods mysterious love to become as real to me as the love of my husband of 29 years.

Over the years, I have participated in a wide variety of ministries without ever realizing what a powerful effect our individual efforts make in our own church and in our surrounding community. As the catechumenate coordinator, I hear the stories of the people whose hearts are touched by the concern and care of our community. Our words are powerful but our actions are dynamic.

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